New Editorial Board member for After Constantine

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva will be a member of the editorial board of our journal.

Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva, Prof. D.Sc., Ph.D. is a Professor at the Institute for Balkan Studies and Centre of Thracology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and at the St. Clement Ohridski University of Sofia. Her research interests are focused on 1) History and theory of Ancient religion and culture; Ancient receptions in Medieval and Renaissance culture; Ancient text in Medieval Context; 2) History and theory of theater; 3) Cultural and historical heritage and tourism.

She completed History with major in Ancient and Medieval History with an MA degree at the History Department, St. Clement Ohridski University of Sofia. In 1992, she received her Ph.D. in History and Theory of Ancient Culture and Religion; and in 2004 she received her D.Sc.

She taught as an Associate Professor of Ancient history and Thracology at Neofit Rilski South-West University, Blagoevgrad (the Chair of pre-industrial societies); at Tchernorizetz Hrabar Varna Free University; at Paisii Hilendarski Plovdiv University; since 1995 and currently at St. Clement Ohridski Sofia University.

Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva is the author of many scholarly publications ( on Ancient religion and culture Ancient receptions in Medieval culture, as well as eight monographs.

She is a member of the International Council of Indo-European and Thracian Study and of the editorial board of ORPHEUS. Journal of Indo-European and Thracian Studies; member of La Fédération internationale des associations d' études classiques (FIEC); a Deputy Editor-in-chief of the scientific editions of Institute for Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Thracia and Balkans.

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