Meet our new editor: Philippos Vlachoulis

It is our pleasure to introduce Philippos Vlachoulis as our new editor.

Philippos Vlachoulis was born in Larissa, Greece. He accomplished his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Department of History, Archaeology, and Social Anthropology of the University of Thessaly (UTh), Volos, Greece. As an undergraduate student, he received his BA degree (2017) in Archaeology, and his academic experience was enriched with the reception of an MA diploma (2022) in Byzantine Archaeology and Art, where he specialized in Late Antique and Byzantine sculpture. He is currently conducting his Ph.D. thesis on extra-mural basilicas of Phthiotic Thebes at the same Department (UTh), under the supervision of associate professor Dr. Ioannis Varalis. His research project is financially supported by the “Nikos and Theoni Karageorgou” scholarship, which has been announced by the Research Committee of the University of Thessaly, after the endowment of Ms. Marina Karageorgou in memory of her parents. He participated in various excavations and attended different conferences to present his academic research. He takes interest in Late Antique and Byzantine architecture, sculpture, and iconography.

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